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The new Nintendo Wii gaming console (http://wii.nintendo.com/) was released 2 days ago and obviously for our technically always up-to-date employees it didn’t take long to have an exemplar in our office. So today morning the installation was quickly accomplished and for the rather fair price of ~15.000 Yen our employees can now enjoy playing games with gyro sensors based wireless game controllers. For those unfamiliar with this kind of technology it must be real fun to watch people interacting with Wii games. No more permanent button pressing or analogue stick controlling, but instead moving the controller itself in order to define the desired direction of movement in game play. So you see for example people doing tennis motions (or try to 😉 ) or pointing the controllers at the screen to control game play. Although it’s nice to have such a device for public sale, it still remains just a toy. Also I doubt the fun factor will remain high, because thinking of standing in front of the TV for hours and doing some kind of physical workout for what is meant to be just fun can get pretty tiresome with the time. However it sure has a good potential for multiplayer purposes like playing with friends etc. But for personal home use only some buyers will certainly wish they had invested their money elsewhere. 😉

by Julian

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