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Gyooza and Soy Sauce



Gyooza is one of my favorite Asian meals. From time to time I like to cook Gyooza at home in Germany; but they are never as good as those I get at a Ramen shop in Japan. So this week I bought some Gyooza and an electrical pan and had a first try. The only things missing was some sesame oil, some vegetable oil and some soy sauce. It should be easy to buy it in Japan, I thought. So I prepared myself, looked at a dictionary and found the Japanese names: “ごま油”, “植物油” and “しょう油”. Entering the supermarket in Japan is always a big adventure for me. I must have had these impressions as a small child. I see so many things which look really interesting and tasty, but most of the times I just don’t know how to cook it and how it should taste until I try. And even buying soy sauce turned out to be quiet challenging. There are so many kinds of soy sauce that look alike. I just had to pick a bottle by chance and decide later whether I liked it or not. That is quite an interesting aspect of my stay in Japan. Not only in the supermarket but in several situations I have to be like an adventurer again like back before, when I was a kid, exploring a world of unknown astonishing surroundings.

The Gyooza turned out to be very tasty. But that was thanks to the great Ramen shop where I bought them. There is still a lot to learn about Gyooza cooking for me. And I am really looking forward to the small challenges that may occur in daily life during my stay in Japan.

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  1. 大竹 力 says:

    幸楽苑 こうらくえんの 餃子 Gyoozaでしょうか?
    Eyes, JAPANさんにお世話になってます
    大竹 力