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How to get stuff you normally can’t



What was the starting point?


I wanted to make one of my friend in Russia (maybe not a friend, but it doesn’t matter:)) happy, and for that I needed to get my hands on nexus one mobile, because they are very rare to see there.

Normally, when you don’t have a goal, you do not think about many things, on the other hand, when you do, you already know what you want, so more or less you are able to see what actions are necessary.


I started digging (or surfing, but I prefer the old way of excavation) the net, in order to find how to actually get one of these devices.

  1. First of all, I found out that Google already canceled sales on they side and delegated them to other retailers (such as vodafone).
  2. Secondly, Google officially offers them to their authorized developers for Android market, with entry fee of 25$.
  3. Thirdly, it is always possible to use eBay and get second-hand (or, as they say, “nearly in good/mint condition”) one, or even unused.

But how is it possible to ship it to Japan or other places in the world?
See the link below to find out.

How far did it went?

As you can see, there is plenty of options, and many things to choose from, however, all these approaches share one huge drawback: in most cases your device will be shipped inside the US. And if you want to get it shipped to other countries, which is my case, you need to find either other services or other ways of redirecting shipment to international address.

Surfing the net again I accidentally bumped into very nice service. I checked positive reviews and found on various forums recommendations and personal experience from many people who used it. This service is called MyUSABox


Why is it good?

Because, it gives users an american mail-box address. Just-like-that.
It allows people, to redirect their package deliveries inside United States and then ship it to international address, somewhere in the world.
Of course, you pay for the delivery, but the main point here is that actually allows you to get stuff from the American web-stores.

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