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Next generation discipline



One day late for Nikolaus but still this amazes me.
I was in a Junior High School to hold a presentation about Christmas in Germany last week.
In the Story of St. Nikolaus there are several traditional coworkers wich take the bad children in the forrest or punish them. So this is used for german kids to scare them in order to have them behaving. I don’t know the methods here in Japan but I see only friendly faces. In the Gym where the final meeting was held the Kids gathered in front of us and without anyone telling them they got quiet and stood still. A thing I would be happy of happening in Germany as there it is ALWAYS loud. In Germany they don’t get even quiet if you tell them. It takes a long time until somebody can say something.

So I was pretty amazed and I knew why GTO wanted to become teacher. But as I don’t have the time and money to start a new studysubject I think I stay with Medical Computer Science.
Maybe when I come to Japan after finishing my Bachelor for the Masters Degree or for work I hope to be able to work with kids.
As they are our future we should care well for them and not use fear to make them do what we want.
And preserve our world for their benefit.

So should we not fear our Employer but respect him and see the company as a big family.
When everybody is happy to work for the family and not fearing, work gets done more efficient and it is good for our health.
Which is what we are working for.

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