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Firstly, share a funny video with you. Have fun:)

Jackass 3D Jet Engine HD

I like looking funny video, pics, or jokes and laughing heartily. Sometimes I can spend several hours to enjoy the happy moment with these funny things. That really make me feel relax and forget all the troublesome things. Most people like such relaxing moment I think.

But I don’t know why most of such funny videos are shot by foreigners, I mean not Chinese. I don’t think Chinese people lack humor sense. Actually, there are millions of cyberizens creating thousands of funny jokes, pics, and videos, which are always from society view. If you are a senior netzens wandering on Chinese BBS, Chinese “Twitter”, Chinese “Facebook”, you will really find that Chinese cyberizens are talent in humor. (I think other cyberizens in other countries are also similar. ) However, why can’t we Chinese people shoot such kinds of videos with such crazy ideas? I mean do some funny actions or play some well-intentioned jokes on somebody with prepared fantastic ideas.

Maybe it’s related with cultures and society atmosphere. In western developed countries, people own more freedom time and energy to enjoy entertainment. They are used to these kinds of entertainments and enjoy the process. But China is a developing country and everybody seems busy making money. We rarely have time or ideas to relax ourselves or play jokes on somebody by spending a long time and high cost to prepare such funny entertainment. We prefer letting entertainment TV do it to making it by ourselves.

The reason might be like above I said. I’m not sure.

I really hope we can change, and have more relaxing mood to do anything.

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