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Motion Capture and Stereo 3D seminar



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Motion Capture and Stereo3D Seminar at The University of Aizu

Date: 30 June 2011 ~ 1 July 2011
Venue: University of Aizu University-Business Innovation Center (UBIC), 3D Theatre room
30 June
18:30-18:35 Greetings
18:35-18:50 What is Motion Capture? Basics of shooting using Vicon MX
18:55-19:40 Motion Capture hands-on seminar (to be held in UBIC’s motion capture studio)
19:45-20:00 Original 3D animation project using motion capture
20:00-20:10 Eyes, JAPAN on motion capture
20:10- Q&A session

1 July
18:30-18:35 Greetings
18:35-19:05 What is S3D? Basics of creating S3D content
19:05-19:35 Using 3D software to create S3D content
19:35-19:50 Medical animation in S3D
19:50-20:05 Eyes, JAPAN on S3D content creation
20:05-20:20 S3D video demonstration
20:20- Q&A session

The above sessions are sponsored by Prof Cohen, with Eyes, JAPAN as guest speakers.
Motion capture and stereo 3D are both technology that have been around long ago, but are currently enjoying a boom that can be credited to Avatar’s success. While stereo 3D has infiltrated home entertainment such as television sets and even game consoles, motion capture is used in areas such as medical and sports, beyond the limits of the movie and game industry.
We would like to share our experience and knowledge in harnessing these technologies to students, and anyone interested. It is not an everyday chance to learn first hand about the process of shooting – for free! – much less enter a motion capture studio and to watch ball markers being placed on an actor, or watch the actor’s motions reflected on the computer screen. For those without a 3D television set yet, it will also be an enjoyable experience to view our stereo videos on a 65inch screen.
It is a casual event, and participation is free, so feel free to drop by!

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