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Medical Market in China



I just read from some reports that the Chinese medical devices market is increasing at a fast speed of  69% within the last 5 years.
Now Chinese government is step by step try to improve the conditions of local hospitals of the towns and countrysides. More and more families are starting to care about the health conditions. it will still be a big market within a few years (from BBC research).
Advanced and high technology products, such as imaging diagnostic equipment (including CT, MRI, color ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and digital x-ray system) and clinical diagnostic laboratory instrument, are expected to grow at faster rates, respectively. But mobile medical devices and services are more an more popular within families and individual users. Some researches have already been done (ref: http://www.csap.cam.ac.uk/media/uploads/files/1/mobile-communications-for-medical-care.pdf) .
But till now it seems no oversea brand or big company has already taking this market but small chinese companies trying to develop their own products. Last time I went to the conference ISAC, some Chinese companies are there to show their mobile medical devices which works as a client collecting informations and sending it back to sever, then it receives the feedbacks from server and show the status of the user. of course, there are still many problems, like how frequently the communication should be done? how to get rid of the noises? And they are still working on it.
There is still a long way to go, of course. And these are just small thoughts I had. But if we can get into the medical market in China, and provide some devices or services to personal users or families, that could be a great chance because Chinese love Japanese brands.
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