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Some Sights Never Be Seen Without Courage And Efforts



A Thai guy in UoA, said he loves hiking. He sent an email to invite us to go hiking together. I didn’t go because I thought I was busy and lacked energy to finish the hiking.

One day I was attracted by some very beautiful sightseeing pictures in his facebook albums, and thought those must be in another continent. But I was wrong. They are all in Japan. The guy was travelling around Japan and insisting his hiking dream with his efforts and courages. He enjoyed those amazing views which the majority can only see in the magazine.

I really admire him and feel shame on myself.

I think there must be somebody who holds a world travelling dream like me. I image that some day I can touch the most wonderful sights in the world when I get enough money, enough time, and the chance. And there must be somebody like me who stop somewhere and never take actions. We can always find excuses: no time, no money, no chance, and even no mood.

Even we start the trip, how do we spend it? We take a flight there, enjoy the comfortable hotel, buy souvenirs, climb a mountain with a cable car, then walk around and say ‘Ah it’s nice!’, and that’s it.

Only few people really take courages and efforts to finish a hard trip. Busy? They try to get time. No enough money? They save it. No chance? No, they make it.  They climb a mountain over 2+ kilometers on foot, even the steps are just thin steels nailed into the steep. They face all the difficulties with courages and efforts. Then finally, they sleep with the moonshine shining on the tent, breath the fresh air on the thousands meters high,  and say hello to the sunrise in the sky. What a wonderful and unique experience!

Can I do that as same as what they did? Up to now, no. Only thing can I do is admiring them and seeing the amazing sights in front on my PC, and continue dreaming.

As same as wealth, wisdom, and experience, can everybody own them?

No. Without courages and efforts, you can never see the amazing sights.

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