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A Chinese poetry



Today I want to introduce one of my favorite Chinese poetry. Translating a Chinese poetry is really a hard work for me. But I did, with my best efforts, just because I want to share it with you.

定风波 苏轼

序: 三月七日,沙湖道中遇雨。雨具先去,同行皆狼狈,余独不觉,已而遂晴,故作此。

Preface: On march 7, a rain come suddenly on the way. Su Shi and his companion didn’t get umbrellas. His friends were all running for shelter from getting wet through except himself walking in the rain. Su Shi didn’t feel any upset or grumbled, but enjoying the changing weather. Then the rain stopped, and he wrote down this famous poetry.

莫听穿林打叶声, Don’t think the sound of the rain hitting the leaves as a noise.

何妨吟啸且徐行。Why not listen to it as a pleasing melody, sing with it, and take a walk?

竹杖芒鞋轻胜马,谁怕?I can walk through this horrible weather in your words, even with my crude bamboo stick and straw sandals. Who care?

一蓑烟雨任平生。With my straw raincoat, I can separate the rain and the wind with my tough and optimistic heart.

料峭春风吹酒醒,微冷,A blowing cold spring wind awake me from a drunken dream, wow, it is a bit cold.

山头斜照却相迎。Hey, see,  the sunset now is smiling to me with her welcome warm hug.

回首向来萧瑟处,归去,也无风雨也无晴。I look back to seek the wet world, but finally found that it seems like nothing happened, no wind, no rain.


With some explanation from internet, maybe you can understand more easily.

Through being applied to structural way of obviousness and concealment, reality and illusion, light and shade, Su Shi’s Ding Feng Bo, which was written in Huangzhou during his relegation period, not only displays an optimistic spirit of Su Shi’s not fearing the wind and rain before his eyes and his broad-mindedness and detachedness ,but also expresses an idea of trying to separate himself from the world by standing aloof political wind and rain,keeping out of political field and society,dwelling in his native place in seclusion,living in the any corners of the country,which formed a complex in Su Shi’s mind that could not be shaken off .

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