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Health 2.0 Hackathon open for entries



In conjunction with Health 2.0 Fukushima Chapter Vol.2, the first medical-related Hackathon will be held in Japan to be held in February.

Eyes, JAPAN is the organiser of the Hackathon event on top of being an exhibitor at the Medical Creation Fukushima, and with just one more month to go, and our staff are busy preparing for the event, from designing the panels and awards, to seeking cooperation from the authorities and local universities, and in spreading the word about the event. Eyes, JAPAN has had numerous experiences exhibiting at various conventions such as Tokyo Contents Market and the new version of it: Creative Market Tokyo, and has been a regular presence at Medical Creation Fukushima and other medical-related conventions. However, this will be our first time as organisers, and we are working hard to ensure that everything will go smoothly on the day itself.

I am not directly involved in preparations, but the mood in the office is tense and tinged with excitement, and it is infectious. I try to help out wherever I can – mainly with translations – and hope to ease some of the burden of those in-charge.

Just for your information, more about the Hackathon:

Date/Time: 21st January, 13:00 to 22nd January, 15:15
Venue: Nihon University Incubation Center

– Codethon
– Designthon
– Ideathon

Prizes of up to 100,000yen to be awarded to the best team for each category, and the winner(s) of the Codethon will even be eligible to participate in San Fransisco’s Health 2.0 Developer Challenge in September later this year. Judges include professor from an art university, and professionals actively involved in the Health 2.0 scene in Japan.

Entry: http://health2con.jp/health-2-0-fukushima-chapter-hackathon/
Entry deadline: 7th February

Check out the website for more details! http://health2con.jp/hackathon/

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