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Work during a business trip



During end of April I was on a business trip to Tokyo but did not want to waste much time because I had lot of work waiting in the office back in Aizu Wakamatsu.

So I thought of bringing my laptop and continue working in Tokyo until the meeting starts. Since I am the kind of guy who needs a silent environment to concentrate on his work I was thinking of where to work. The hotel lobby or cafes like Starbucks usually are very crowded all day and rather noisy.

So I was delighted to hear that my company boss offered me to use his Regus rental office card during my business trip. Regus is a company specialised in renting offices, meeting rooms or lobby access all over the world.

The card my boss gave me granted free access to their business lobby where I was working then. There are different Regus office buildings around Tokyo near convenient train stations like Shibuya, Shinagawa and Yurakucho.

Regus Shinagawa Business Lounge (Source: http://www.en.regus.jp)

I chose the Shinagawa East One Tower. Since they offer 24 hours access I just dropped in when I pleased, gave my card to the front desk lady, which showed me a bit around, and started working.

The lobby was a nice place to work. They offer wireless or cable network, as well as water for free and different other drinks you could buy. After some time other business men dropped by but even then the noise level kept low since everybody is there for work. Later some people came to discuss something and the noise level raised a bit but still in a manner to not disturb other people working there. Getting lunch was also no issue since the Shinagawa train station nearby offered many small restaurants or obentou shops. After finishing my work I just checked out as I checked in, collecting my Regus card at the front desk and leaving home.

Since I only had access to the business lobby but not to the rental offices my experience is limited somehow. But even so I  enjoyed to work at a quiet convenient business lobby much more than a noisy cafe.

So if you are traveling around a lot and need a place to work just checkout Regus or any other rental office company.

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