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The usage of story board in Xcode for non-programmer



Even the function of storyboarding from the Xcode 4.2 is not new now. This feature enables the developers to use less code to arrange the layout of view.

Since it provides easy way to implement the interfaces, even in some cases it is possible for non-programmers, like designers to use it for prototype or mocking up.

This post estimate the possibility to use the storyboard for non-programmers.

There is not so much official documents from Apple. Only I found this article from developer portable, where it describes there are two basic elements in the storyboard: Scene(the view controller and its views ) and Segue(the connection of scenes).

From other articles of other developers, I found that, there are some cases possible for non-programer to use the storyboard.

1. the cases that not need source code, where non-programers can use the storyboard.

  • The normal view and segue from storyboard for standard behaviors.
  • For table view controller, which usually need data source to show the table content. New feature from storyboard to use static cells presenting the content of table view, which the data source is not needed any more. Described in the article
  • For iPad apps,  there are always popover view or split view, it is possible to use storyboard to implement them. Described in the article.

2. the cases are difficulty for non-programmer, which needs source code for the costumed behaviors:

  • Custom the  segue to act the animations for our needs. Described in the article.
  • The gestures recognition, which can bring connivence to users, but require write some source code. Described in the article.
  • Some other costumed behaviors also need source code.

There are also some other good references for usage of storyboard.

1). Beginning Storyboards in iOS 5 Part 1

2). Beginning Storyboards in iOS 5 Part 2

3). iOS 5 Xcode Storyboard Tutorial And Guide Page


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