A very important part of developing software is to find the way around various APIs. Without having proper documents at hand, work can become tedious and with that unenjoyable.

Many documents are accessible via the world wide web on their project web sites. Some you might have downloaded for offline use in some folder you always forget where it is located. Chance is you won’t have them neatly in one place and always nicely updated. But you could.

Here comes Dash.

Dash is primarily a (offline) browser for API documentations with support for a huge amount of languages. Ever since I started using it I am much faster to find what I am searching for. And recent versions also added the feature of having a searchable snapshot of Stack Overflow – for the times when the problem is more than just finding the correct methods to call. Dash also functions as a place to manage code snippets and keeps them for quick and easy access when they are needed.

Dash can be quickly accessed by an assigned hotkey, similar to how to call OS X’s Spotlight feature. In a way it is basically a spotlight for you API docs.

Dash is free to try. A download link and more detailed information can be found at http://kapeli.com/dash.

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