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Making mostly software for iOS and macOS during the day the majority of my time is spent in front of a Mac. If there are tasks that are more convenient if they are automated there are lot of possibilities to write a small application or script to help me out. Everything is rainbows.

In the evenings I prefer to use my iPad for all sorts of things. Not so much programming, but reading, writing, drawing or editing family photographs. While working on it is overall very comfortable, until a few years ago more complex tasks could very quickly turn out to become rather tedious. That was, until Workflow was released.

Workflow is an iOS App allowing to set up scripts thrown together via a very intuitive UI. It makes good use of the interoperability features introduced with iOS’ share sheet and, recently added, any web API.

Some ideas for such workflows might be:

  • Create a meme from a photograph.
  • Send contents of a URL to a Slack channel (or other chats).
  • Translate selected text into any language and drop it into the clipboard.
  • Select photos or videos and upload them to Flickr.

The list of directly supported Apps is very long, and with the possibility to use any web API there is rarely an occasion leaving me disappointed. Workflow has become a must-have app for my iOS devices. All workflows created or otherwise set up are syncing to my other devices as well.

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