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Tools For My Job



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As for every work involving the creation of something, tools are a core part of the work. This is not only true for physical creations of professions like carpenters and painters but also for the virtual ones like software developers.

Traditionally, software has been bought individually and could be used as long as a compatible environment exists. It still is the the most occurring form for acquiring a software license. However, in recent years subscriptions have become more and more popular (for example Adobe Creative Cloud). A very interesting service for macOS-Software launch last month with a still growing collection of interesting apps. SetApp charges US$ 9.99 a month for its collection of Apps of several developers: [https://setapp.com/apps].

It is a great addition to my software repertoire for very little money. Here a list of my current favorites:

  • Clean My Mac (especially useful to remove temp files generated by Xcode)
  • Code Runner (great for experimenting)
  • Disk Drill (Data recovery)
  • Expressions (For writing and testing regular expressions)
  • iMazing (access to data on your iOS device)
  • iStat Menus (Stats )
  • Screens (Convenient Remote Access to other Macs)
  • Timing (Automatic logging of time spent in Apps)
  • Ulysses (Writing environment)
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