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Tools For My Life



Last month I briefly shared the tools important to my working life. Doing a lot of programming, a lot for macOS and iOS, work is done on a “real” computer. Today I’d like to share the favorite Apps I am using privately, where I recently decided against a traditional computer in favor of an iPad Pro.

I find an iPad quicker to pick up and get things done in a busy life with kids. Just opening the lid of a MacBook feels like that much of an investment that just spending a couple of minutes to review some photographs taken is very bothersome. The iPad fits this quick “in and out” style of work much better.

The big screen of the 12.9” iPad Pro give just the right amount of screen estate to make working with videos and photos comfortable. Connecting an Apple Magic Keyboard makes it comfortable to do work involving a good amount of typing.

  • Goodnotes (Note taking)
  • LumaFusion (Video editing)
  • Screens VNC (VNC client for the occasional screen sharing)
  • OmniGraffle (Diagrams etc.)
  • Ulysses (Writing environment)
  • Prompt 2 (SSH client to occassionally connect to servers)
  • 2Do (Todo App)
  • Pythonista (Automation and scripting. I intended to use Workflow before it got acquired by Apple and announced ceasing of new feature development.)
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