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Neuroengineering for ages 12+: NeuroBytes campaign


Great news for young learners and curious grownups! NeuroTinker has launched Kickstarter campaign for NeuroBytes, open source hardware project aimed to help students to explore neuroscience basics.

NeouroBytes neurons

NeuroBytes core set consists of electrical neuron simulators that can be easily connected together to perform a neural network in action. The modules are divided into six groups representing different types of neurons, including sensory neurons (perceiving light, sound and touch) and motor neurons (simulating muscle control signals). Linked together, neuron simulators can instantly build up a complex neural circuit, that will behave in similar ways as biological neural networks do. No coding required!

Each NeuroBytes module has an embedded LED indicator coupled with electric signal to demonstrate the way biological neurons communicate. Whenever neuron’s state changes, the LED color switches.

NeuroBytes kits

TinkerBytes has developed a variety of educational toolkits, promising all sorts of fun from building memories at the synaptic level to constructing a “Paranoid NeuroBuggy”, following the edges of shadows.

Here comes the NeuroBuggy.

Overall impression

Even though NeuroBytes might seem a bit pricey for an educational toy ($19 for each neuron simulator, over $100 for most toolkits), the idea of learning neuroscience through hands-on experience is fascinating. Wish the guys good luck!


Kickstarter campaign:

NeuroTinker: http://www.neurotinker.com

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