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Remember anything with Anki



How do you memorize the information?

The way I was taught at school was not effective, and I remember that I was stunned when I first learned about Memory Palace technique. If you don’t know about it, I suggest finding a description on the internet or even reading a book about memory. “Moonwalking with Einstein: the Art and Science of Remembering Everything” by Joshua Foer is a great read on this topic.

But I was going to talk about something different. Even when you create a bright mnemonic and put it in a right place of your memory palace, you still going to forget it if you don’t repeat that association. As people say “Use it or lose it”. Of course, you can repeat information every day and you won’t likely forget it. But what it the most effective way in terms of time and effort?

The answer comes with Anki: an open source space repetition software. It is very powerful in creating your own flashcards and it offers a page to download decks created by other users. Anki supports most of the platforms and has a simple web interface if you don’t have a compatible. The only downside is paid version for iOS. But I consider it as a support for the author of this excellent software. Give it a try and you will notice that you remember more with less effort!

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