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New bonus system for referring friends



I am lucky to be one of the first employees to enjoy a new bonus system for referring friends to the company. Since guys have been working for half a year I have received a book voucher: company rewards employees for introducing friends by offering a voucher for buying any books from Amazon or other stores.

I love that reward! It was a tough choice to prioritize and choose the books. On the weekend I finally made my decision and used the voucher. And yesterday I received this great addition to my paper book collection:

I love reading, and I try to plug in as much reading as I can into my daily routine. Being able to read anywhere: at home, work, while commuting, driving (by listening audiobooks), at the gym or on the plane – is a key feature for me. That’s why I prefer electronic books since I can fill up my iPad and iPhone with as many books as I need, without hassle to carry weights around. And as I wrote before, I love listening to audiobooks and Audible has a massive collection to satisfy my needs.

But if I really like the book I have the rule to buy that book in a paper format. First of all, I truly believe that good books must be read again some time. Not only it helps to better understand key ideas, but it almost always brings new discoveries, when you realize that you don’t remember those lines. All that allows looking at the book from a different angle. And paper gives me an opportunity to flip through the book and find a chapter or pages I want to re-read.

Second, when I really like a book, I recommend it to my friends and family, who might also benefit from reading that book. And it is much easier to offer a paper book then sharing an ebook (which is often protected).

Do you like reading paper books or ebooks?

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