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Eyes Japan’s STEM Education Support

Cherubin Mugisha

Education is the key to solving the problems of our society. Cures for diseases, machines for our labors, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math have all helped innovative minds to create, discover, imagine and propose solutions.

Eyes Japan, as one of the most innovative startup companies in Japan, understands the paramount importance of STEM and education to provide tools to the young generation, that will help them to push the boundaries of current technologies in order to face the increasingly complex challenges of the future.

Knowing that STEM education is more than a traditional class, with courses, textbooks, and lectures, the students need to use their creativity and invest their minds to understand the world around them so that they can see what needs to be solved and how to get to a solution.

Although there is an important value in this education, not all educational institutions can afford the necessary resources to give such kind opportunities to their students and any support that will help one more child to have access to a science, a computer, or any tools will have an unlimited impact to the generations after him.

Eyes Japan (EJ), generously donated some of its equipment to support education in one of the poorest countries in the world, Burundi. Through one of his employees, who’s from Burundi, EJ mandated him to find schools and children to whom the items will be more beneficiary and decided to handle items such as:

  • Raspberry Pi3: for the introduction to computers and programming

15 Raspberry Pi3

Raspberry Pi3, Bgeigie by Safecast.

  • Tech DIY and Duino kits for electronic Engineering for kids

DIY tech kit

Tech DIY kit

The Kigutu International Academy (KIA) is a transformational education in a unique setting, a boarding high school located in a very remote rural area of Burundi, educating a new generation of problem-solvers, providing critical thinking, and innovative mindset to their students.

KIA is one of the institutions that will make good use of the Raspberry Pi through their IT club activities. With motivated and enthusiastic students,  their competent teachers will just need more units to plant seeds of curiosity followed by infinite dreams of all kinds of wonderful things that can be achieved with a computing unit like a Raspberry Pi.

KIA students receiving the Donation

KIA students receiving the donation

This is just the beginning, but we hope that we can continue to support STEM education and contribute to the growth of a new generation of future problem-solvers.


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