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Fukushima Airport



Today, Frederik and I had the opportunity to join Yamadera-san and Amito-san who were going to Fukushima Airport to install a big computer screen.
It’s going to be there for the next two weeks since during that time there is an exhibition for different kinds of appliances for medical sector.
After a relaxing flight passengers are now able to experience the thrill of a three-dimensional view into the human body (CG), looking down from Azuma-Kofuji and looking at Aizu-Wakamatsu’s Tsuruga Castle.

I didn’t recognize it at first as we were carrying the display into the lobby of the airport, so Yamadera-san had to point out that there are also some statues inside the airport.
Some statues?
It was ULTRAMAN!!!
As a fan of Ultraman I was thrilled and started to fill my digital camera with photos.
I haven’t seen a single plane landing or taking off at this so-called airport, but I saw lots of figures and statues of our great hero.
This is no airport, that’s just a disguise.
It’s a museum for Ultraman and I’m pretty sure he’s sitting somewhere in the airport’s control tower to watch over us.

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