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To Advance Knowledge for Quality of Life



These days, I was thinking about the purpose of my current life, and the essential meanings of joining the community with others.

In spired by the motto of my graduate university, to advance knowledge for humanity, here it comes my personal opinion to both of the aforementioned two puzzles: I am getting together with others to advance knowledge for quality of life.

1) to improve the quality of life (whether others’ or only my own) is my continuous dream all the time. There are always unlimited upgrading space to improve the people’s life quality, and the endeavor should never be stopped.

2) There are bunches of ways to improve the quality of life, while our resources to support the quality life are insufficient in most cases; therefore, we need proper solutions to optimize the limited resources.

3) knowledge is the most powerful tool to provide good solutions, while individual’s knowledge and power are always quit limited; that’s why I am joining the proper community to exchange knowledge and to conceive the most proper solutions.

Right now, I am not confused with these two puzzles any more, and the next step is figure out the proper knowledge for quality of life.

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