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Great Mission with Great Effort



Medical hackathon achieved great success during the  Health 2.0 Fukushima chapter Vol.2 and Medical Creation Fukushima 2011 event. Participants experienced 24 hours (limited time) extreme developing, with their unlimited  imagination composing codes, design, and ideas.


They devote they great effort for making their best medical IT solutions in Fukushima land, which was just recovered from the big disaster last year.

Some of them come from cities on the other side of the country, putting their full energy into the fierce competition directly right after the long distance journey, sparing no time for taking a rest.

Some of them were busy working in company or studying in university,  but they do make their insufficient time to challenge their imagination for solving medical problems.


All the visitors who come to see how the hackathon is going,  were greatly impressed by those young hackers, doing the great mission with the great effort.

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