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I have shared a lot of words talking about programming, efficiency and similar topics. Usually centering around the machine and software we are working with all day long. Too often we forget that still we are living beings that need to be handled with care. The singularity still is some way out.

In the spirit of my post about me switching to a standing desk I’d like to share some sentences to talk about some things I try to be conscious about while working on the computer.

Stand up

Try to avoid the desk and computer as much as possible. Once an hour it is very refreshing to just stand up and walk a few steps and having the eyes focus on something distant, like looking out of the window. If your office is very big, staring at the end of it might also be sufficient. Various stretching exercising can add to the refreshment making the desk time more comfortable.

Sit Right

The correct height of chairs and tables is very important to avoid fatigue throughout the day of the computer worker. Try to keep your back upright while looking at the screen whose upper screen edge should be the same height as your eyes. Your feet should touch the flat ground underneath in a relaxed state. Not going all the way to a standing desk a half-sitting hybrid posture is heard to be very healthy. The generally recommended height of the chair is about 1/3 of your own body height while the table should have half the height of your body.

Keyboard and Pointing Device

Burdened with RSI I came to love keyboards with short key travel with the keyboard itself not being very tall itself. Being able to have the hands resting on the keyboard without having to bend the wrists is a big win.

After switching from a mouse as my pointing device to a trackball I rarely have any issues with my hands. Working with mice was becoming very painful every couple weeks for an extended period of time.

Be Aware

Nobody is perfect and some bad behavior will be able to slip in always. The important part is to be conscious about trying to keep a good posture and working towards the goal of initiating some relief for your body while doing mind work. Investing into proper furniture for your work can pay of drastically as it is crucial for keeping a healthy pose. It is very easy to forget that we are still relying on our physical bodies while having our minds absorbed in development work.

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