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Work and Intern in (Eyes,) JAPAN


I first came to Eyes, JAPAN for an internship in 2009. It was my first time to Japan. Coming from almost the other side of the globe I count myself happy to have found a place with such rich amount of projects and a nice family of colleagues. The internship semester was full of good experiences – both inside and outside of work.

Everybody was very welcoming when I first arrived and I was introduced to the company as well as the surrounding area. The history of having foreigners at the company is quite long and the culture is very open-minded towards “outsiders”. Finding an apartment, getting necessary furniture, or helping to buy a fitting stove before the first cold days arrived in winter. Help was always available and I am very grateful to everyone.

There are a lot of companies focusing on a single product or service throughout their lifetime. While this is okay it is certainly more interesting and fun at Eyes, JAPAN. A plethora of project has been worked on over the now more than 20 years it is in existence. In the wide mix between customer projects, internal projects and research related work surely is something of interest for almost anyone. Especially during my internship period this was a great scenario to be in. Lots to learn and explore. A good opportunity to find out what kind of work oneself is most interested in.

Besides the actual work there are a lot of additional activities and perks. Every week on Thursday evening all employees and part-time staffers come together
at the office for a meeting to catch up what happened during the last week and have a study session about any topic of interest. Delicious coffee, break times for tea or ice cream give opportunity to freely talk with colleagues one might not directly work on a project at the time and foster exchange. And throughout the year there are get-togethers like the traditional year end party, apple picking in autumn, a company-wide BBQ at the lake in summer and of course enjoying cherry blossom in spring. Often friends and former staff members are joining as well.

Having enjoyed my time and having learned a lot I returned shortly after to work on a part of my thesis and eventually moving to Japan completely. For anybody looking for a place to intern coming from abroad I can only recommend to just send a mail in. Located in Aizuwakamatsu, about 5 hours from Tokyo by car, there is lots of nature and traditional Japanese scenery to enjoy.

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