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Some considerations about technologies in modern life.

Mola BogdanGeorgii


Our everyday life is full of high technological things that sometimes ago could be considered as science fiction. In more early times, such things could lead to bonfire, make you god or at least make you outcast. But now, different technologies literally fill everything. Sometimes implicitly as in case of using electricity or gas facilities. Sometimes it is part of our consciousness like smartphones, computers or cars. Every year we got something new, more improved, more functional. Appearance of new gadgets become regular thing and dynamic of appearance is increasing. Of cause it has serious influence to our life, it has positive and negative sides. We can hear about claims that technologies are making us stupid. Is it really so? Let’s consider some ideas about problems that arise in our high technological world.

In most cases, people’s worries are really important. But frequently people talking about negative side of technology or technologies (actually about anything) does not offer any alternatives. Usually it is only prohibition or restriction. It is very long talking about correctness of such approach, but sometimes it is just impossible. There are listed below set of the most notable in my opinion side effects of technologies:

  • Internet and video games are serious enemies for children.

In our days it is kind of weird fashion to blame internet or video games for some problems related with children. News, talk shows and some parents support this idea. But it is important to keep in mind that only parents have responsibility to control access to anything. As well-known wisdom says “Measure is treasure”. Media technologies should be a powerfull tool for education

  • GPS suppress our spatial orientation ability.

   So convenient technology can’t help becoming part of our life. With ability to go over big distances it becomes very important. Will it be able to change mechanisms of our consciousness? Certainly yes. But solution is on surface. I would offer just a little training. In particular, trying to remember route and navigation by memory (of cause in cases when it is convenient) will support such important ability. I think it is to have some fun during exploration of target place.

  • Problems with sleeping and stress as result

Different devices especially smartphones and computers require much attention from us. We don’t recognize it every time, we just adapt. But overusing still can lead to problems with sleep. So called “blue-light” emission from screens can interrupt our natural mechanisms (in particular we get wrong melatonin generation that we use for “sleep mode”). Some devices support so called “night mode” that changes color balance (for example “Night shift” in iPhone, see picture below).

However, it seems that the most effective advice is avoiding of using devices during couple of hours before sleep.

  • Problems with social skills

Communication through web give us perfect ability to connect with people fast and through any distances, but it is not the same as life conversation. It can lead to isolation and problems with socialization. I guess this issue is trickier, because it is not so explicit. Solution is simple – don’t use virtual communication as the only way. Unfortunately it is easier to say than do.

There are tons of other kind of problems and consequences related with technology using such as environment pollution and etc. But I preferred to focus on something more usual and related with everyday life. It is wonderful opportunity to dramatically improve our life, but we should keep in mind that as world changing with technologies we should change as well


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